Craig Cheresposy


Mr. Cheresposy is a  Tribal Member from old Laguna, but also is from Jemez Pueblo
Craig attended  the University of Arizona and the University of New Mexico where he received a B.B.A with a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS) in 2012. He immediately returned for graduate school and received his M.B.A. with a dual concentration in MIS and Information Assurance.
Craig completed internships with Laguna Development Corporation and the USDA Forest Service. He  is now permanently employed with the USDA Forest Service as an IT Performance Testing Specialist. 

David Deutsawe


James Pierce


Pueblo of Laguna Utility Authority

Entity Charter - 2015



A. Number. The governing body of the Utility Authority is the Board of Directors (the "Board" or individual "Director"), which shall consist of five (5) members, who shall be appointed by the Pueblo Council. The Pueblo Council may, by resolution, increase or decrease the size of the Board.

B. Responsibility. The Board shall be responsible for providing strategic leadership for the Utility Authority, which shall entail setting direction, making policy and strategy decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability of the Utility Authority.

C. Term. Each member of the Board shall be appointed to a term of five (5) years. Terms of office shall be staggered to assure continuity of the Utility Authority's business. In cases where a term is not completed due to resignation or removal, the appointment of a successor shall be only for the length of the unexpired term. Board members may serve more than one term and may serve consecutive terms, at the discretion of the Pueblo Council. Each Board member shall hold office until his or her successor has been appointed and has qualified, except for resignations or removals, which shall result in a vacancy as of the date of resignation or removal.



Board Members

Francisco "Chico' Carr


John Espindola


Mr. Espindola is a Tribal member from the village of Mesita.  John graduated from the University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Political Science and has also received numerous professional accreditations such as MM98 and GF09 contractor licenses.  With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, John has negotiated and managed millions of dollars of profitable contracts with public and private entities.  Mr. Espindola is currently serving his second five year term with the Utility Authority and has previously served as a Board Member for Laguna Housing Development & Management Enterprise.